FMCO Supporters

Special thanks to:
The Town of Flower Mound
Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church:
Rev. Daniel Humbert, Senior Pastor
Rev. Doug Meyer, Executive Pastor
Karen Chraska, Associate Pastor of Worship and Music

Friends & Supporters

KPOST Roofing and Waterproofing
Bill and Deb Siefkin
Shawn Harms
Doug and Donna Wolfe
Tom and Jayne Williams
Tom Post
Deanna Van Besien-Kozacek
Kelley and Jamie Thompson
Eleanor Tilton
Steve Little
Kelly Casey
Richard and Donna Ridgeway
Linda Williams
Ruth Ann Daniluk

Dorcinda Pipkin
Rich Miller
Jim and Sheryl Hatcher
Bill and Nan Hatcher
Micheal Lively
Carl Barber
Tim and Perrie Daugherty
Peggy Atkerson
Kathleen Schmidt
Katie Kosh
Charlotte Huff
Bill and Judy Daniluk
William Gross


A Special Thank You to

Morris Salerno / Bistecca

Individual Sponsorship Levels:

Friend ($20)
Partner ($100)
Contributor ($250)
Patron ($500)
Benefactor ($1000)
Silver Benefactor ($3000)
Gold Benefactor ($5,000)
Platinum Benefactor ($10,000)

The Flower Mound Community Orchestras are funded wholly through
grants and private donations from individuals and businesses in the community.
See the Donate Now page for details.