Tuition Payments

Flower Mound Philharmonic and Preparatory Orchestra members must pay tuition. The fee is $350 per person, identical for both orchestras, and covers the season September through May.

Although FMCO prefers one payment for the entire season, members wishing to pay by semester (September – December and January – May) may make two equal payments of $175 each in September and January.

Payment can be made online through PayPal with a credit card using the button below. The online payment amount includes a small surcharge to cover online payment processing fees.

Payment can be made in person by cash or personal check before or after rehearsal. Checks should be made out to “Flower Mound Community Orchestras”.

Please see the musician handbook for more information about tuition. Contact the conductor with any questions.

Use the button below to pay tuition online.
Please select the Full Year or One Semester amount,
indicate which orchestra,  and give the
name of the orchestra member for whom payment is being made.

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