In-Person Auditions

Auditions for the Spring 2024 season have been completed. 

In-person auditions for the Flower Mound Symphony and Philharmonic
will take place in August, 2024.  Details will be posted on this page as they become available.

Symphony Orchestra:  This adult, unpaid, volunteer orchestra is open to musicians with an advanced level of experience on their instruments (7+ years of experience on their instrument).

Symphony rehearsals are held on Monday evenings, with additional rehearsals during the week of the concert. Concerts are on Saturday evening with an occasional Sunday matinee.

Auditions are open to fill vacancies – other instruments auditioning may be added to the sub list.

Philharmonic:  The Philharmonic is an educational organization and has an associated tuition fee of $350.00 per year. Tuition may be paid all at once in advance or in two payments due in September and January. The Philharmonic performing level should be intermediate to advanced (4 – 7 years of experience on their instrument). String candidates must have experience playing in the 3rd – 5th positions.

Philharmonic rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings, and concerts are usually on Tuesday evening. 

Prepare two contrasting excerpts from the standard orchestral, concerto, or solo literature:

  • The first should be slow and expressive with emphasis on rhythmic accuracy, dynamic and tone control, intonation and articulation of coherent musical phrasing.
  • The second excerpt should be a light or faster passage with emphasis on technique, rhythmic accuracy, dynamic contrasts, and melodic range of the instrument and articulation of coherent musical phrasing.

 (Placement is based primarily on skill level rather than age or years of experience.)

 Please print and complete the FMCO Audition Form

Video Audition Information

Candidates wishing to audition outside of the live audition dates may submit a video for consideration.

 Submit Video